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My Session Rules/Conduct Disclaimer:

  • My sessions are always chaperoned by another female for both your safety and mine. If you are looking to do a session with me, please be advised. I have had unfortunate experiences to have justified utilising a chaperone even with session clients that had stellar/clean character references. In the past I have only utilitised a chaperone if someone did not have any character references to go by from other wrestlers within the industry. Since character references have done very little to ensure an individuals' integrity, I have resorted to this buddy system with a chaperone.

    My chaperone is often another female wrestler within the industy. She would either wait in the room, or could serve as a camera person for you if you should feel you would want a recording of the session. If you would feel more comfortable that she participate in the session rather than being part of the setting, let me know and we can turn the session into a double session aka 2 of us vs 1 of you.

    Utilising this buddy system for both parties' safety, I have had great success in maintaing a respectful, fun, and safe session environment. If you feel this is something you are not interested in, then please proceed to inquire elsewhere for a session with another host.

  • NO SEXUAL ACTIVITIES, NO MASTURBATORY ACTIVITIES, NO NUDITY is allowed. Please do not inquire about sexual activities because the inquiry will cause me to cancel the session reservation and add you to my no-list/blacklist. Despite what you may have seen me do in movies, photoshoots, other wrestling companies, and porn sites, I do not offer sexual/sexually explicit services nor do I wrestle in the nude or topless or bottomless for my sessions. There are no "Happy Endings", "Hand jobs", "round 4" acts, or any illegal activity as well as anything involving drugs, sex and alcohol allowed.

  • I offer sessions which are fun and safe, to minimize the possible risks of injury my sessions are done at a SEMI-COMPETITIVE level, meaning that we are focusing on having fun and enjoying a good grappling/sparring match, not in doing whatever it takes to get the submission and taking things too seriously, ie: cranking submissions or applying a chokehold with pressure until you pass out. If you tap, I lessen the hold up or have no problem in letting go altogether, and you are asked to do the same respectfully. Applying pressure in holds is allowed at a slowed pace, for example: arm bars can be done slowly once in control, however, no cranking back quickly to break limbs please.

  • Sessions will be customized to your level of comfort, but will never proceed to go beyond a semi-competitive level of sport. Safewords are used. For beat down sessions, I do not offer any strikes to the face. I do not perform knock outs.

  • Appropriate attire is required such as active men's wear like work out clothing, running shorts, board shorts, swimming trunks, sweat pants/shorts, GI, and shirts or tank tops that can be safely used in wrestling matches. Jeans shorts, jeans pants, slacks or shorts that have buttons or accessories that may get caught on the mat or could pose risk to injuring each of us are not allowed.

  • Hygiene. I ask that you come to the session showered and if possible for you, please have your fingernails and toenails trimmed down.

  • Sobriety is a must. For both of our safety, no drugs or drinking will be allowed during or at our session.

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Types of Sessions I Offer Are :

  • Semi-Competitive Submission Wrestling: All my matches are done on nothing more than a semi-competitive level of intensity. All moves are done at a safe and slowed pace as far as the submissions and application of any submission hold and in these matches, we roll and see which of us can gain the submission/fall based on the agreed terms of the win ie: in order for me to get a point or submission I have to utilize a certain hold for a a given amount of time, or only scissor holds are allowed for the point, etc.
  • Fantasy Wrestling: Again at a semi-competitive level of intensity, a session can be based on theme/role playing scenarios. I enjoy the creativity of fantasy based wrestling. Many times these sessions are not competitive in any way, but more of the fun of wrestling, not about the falls/submissions or tapping someone out.
  • Foot Fetish Sessions: I do a great deal of modeling of my feet and have gained a following based around my feet fetish work so there has been a growing interest in private sessions in which the sessionee wishes to worship my feet, so now I offer foot worshipping sessions. In these types of sessions, the focus of the session are my feet. This can be a session where the person spends the entire session trying to get out of holds in which once in control, I smother the person with my feet if the hold permits. If you wish in a worshipping session you can be made to massage my feet, give me a pedicure, clean my feet, be smothered by my feet, chase my feet across the mat...the list goes on, yet everything is tailored around my feet being the focus of the session. My favorite types of sessions are when I mix wrestling in with foot smothering. I enjoy the power exchange and challenge of trying to invent/modify moves in order to place my feet upon the sessionees face.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Sessions involving BJJ are just as it sounds, a session where the techniques of BJJ are used.
  • Ball Busting Sessions:Can be the focus of the session or worked in within the wrestling match.
  • Belly Punching: Can be the focus of the session or worked in within the wrestling match.
  • Beat Downs: Customized beat down sessions with wrestling including body punches, or the beat down as result of your submission, or whatever you may like with respect to my session rules.
  • Face Sitting/Face Smothering: This can be included into the wrestling session as moves applied for submissions, always done with bikini bottoms, boy shorts, or gi, basically just a reminder that I do not do sessions nude or bottomless.
  • Trampling: Can be worked into the session.
  • Domination: only if mixed with semi-competitive or non-competitive wrestling.

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How to Set Up Session Appointment :

It is extremely helpful to me if you would fill out the form below. I understand some of you may also wish to email me prior to filling out the form below, and that is most welcomed as well:

I travel often so it I recommend and prefer that you contact me at least 2 weeks prior to start the coordination of a session.

Deposit - A $100 deposit towards holding the session is required to finalize/secure the booking/appointment session date and time. This deposit is fully returnable/refundable towards you if I should be the one that cannot honor the appointment but it is not returnable/refundable to you should cancel or change details within 24 hours of the appointment. The remainder of the tribute would be expected at the start of the session.

If you would require me to provide a location, an additional deposit of $100.00 to fund the cost of renting/securing a space to host the session would be required. You would receive the itemized receipt and any leftover funds would be returned to you.

I have portable puzzle mats and wrestling mats that can be made available for the sessions so that we may enjoy a safe and fun grappling session wherever the session may be.

If you are visiting Las Vegas for a weekend only, email to see if I am in town. I travel often.

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For those interested in having a wrestling session with me, please complete the form below.  


There are no sexual acts or nudity during Dragon Lilys fetish/fantasy/wrestling sessions, regardless of the photo and video modeling that Dragon Lily does or has done. Dragon Lily is not a prostitute and any proposition for sexual activities will result in no sessions and I will report your antics to other session wrestlers. *I understand there are no sexual acts or nudity involved in your sessions.
I understand that my session will be cancelled and I will blacklisted if I cannot respect your session limits.
Your Name *
What city do you live in? (I travel doing wrestling tours so it helps to know, in case Im in your area) *
Please provide list of previous session wrestlers for references. If this is your first time doing a session, please say so, and explain how you happened to find my information. *
List of Session Interests *
Phone Number *
Location of Session-City & State if traveling *
Dates that youd like to inquire about for the session. *
Length of session you are interested in *$250.00 for 1/2 hour
$375.00 for 1 hour
$500.00 for a 1 hour double session w/additional female wrestler ($250 to her and $250 to me)
E-mail Address: *
I require that you read & sign my waiver of liability form before our session begins. *I am happy to sign Dragon Lilys Waiver of Liability form before our private wrestling session begins.
I would like a copy of the waiver sent to me via email prior to meeting for our session.

* Required


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